For Fans of Art...

The primary goal of this website is to provide a place for people to browse through a collection of works created by lesser-known artists. We have seen great artwork outside of galleries, and it's time to give those artists more visibility!

Our search functionality makes it easy to narrow down our gallery based on a number of different options. Here are just a few:

  • Geographic Location
    Looking for an artist living nearby?
    Hope to support someone who grew up in your hometown?
    Have a favorite part of the country or landmark?
    Want to see what artists from your alma mater have done?

  • Themes
    Religious, Patriotic, Seasonal, Whimsical, Historical, and much more! The possibilities are only limited by the creativity of our artists!

  • Color Matching
    Since all works are indexed based on their major hues, we make it easy for you to find the perfect piece of art to match your interior design needs!
  • Sign up for a free account to make the most of this site. When you come across works that you enjoy, you can create your own virtual online gallery by picking favorite works, making it easy for you to come back and view them whenever you'd like. In many instances, an artwork will be available for purchase (either the original or prints of various sizes). Unlike a traditional gallery, our virtual galleries enable you to still enjoy your favorite piece of art even if someone else buys it! Find artists whose works you particularly enjoy? We can let you know when they add new works to their virtual portfolio, and we make it simple for you to notify your friends and family of artists they should check out!

    Based on your chosen favorites, Local Artist Gallery can help you find other artists and artworks you will probably enjoy as well!

    Walking through galleries can be quite an enjoyable experience, but with our site, there's no need to travel any further than the computer, with a world of possibilities at your fingertips!

    We're currently working on putting the finishing touches on some functionality, so the site's still under construction. If you would like to express your interest / support for the Local Artist Gallery, click HERE, and we will notify you when the site is up and running with lots of great art to enjoy!

          For Artists...

    We provide a free opportunity for you to have your artwork seen by a larger audience than would typically visit local galleries! Whether you hope to sell works that you've done or just allow people to see what you're capable of doing, sign up for an account and expand your audience!

    By signing up for a free account, you will have a space on the internet to share your works and information about you (as much or as little as you'd like).

    There's no need for you to figure out how to build your own website or to get pay someone to create/host a site for you, we can be your home on the internet! Already have a website? Put our site to use to increase the amount of traffic your website gets!

    Although we know making money is rarely the driving force behind your artistic endeavors, but if you want to sell your artwork - beit an original, a print, or another reproduction - we make that possible. Since we allow users to track their favorite artists, repeat customers are likely. If someone buys your work from a regular gallery to put above their couch, in their kitchen, or in their offices, they control who sees your art from that point forward. Because your works can remain on the Local Artists Gallery even after they are sold, listing your work through this site is a great opportunity to gain new fans (which could include future patrons).

    The Local Artist Gallery puts to use the world's most powerful advertising tool available - word of mouth! We have two primary tools which make it easy for word to spread about you and your artwork:

  • User Favorites
    We make it easy for users to select their favorite artists and artworks to share with their friends and family!
  • Automated Suggestions
    We are working on functionality to make automated suggestions to users, pointing them towards artists and artworks which they would most likely enjoy based on their previously indicated favorites!
  • With all the other great artists who are sure to have accounts, this could be a great networking opportunity to grow your skills by meeting other creative individuals such as yourself - some of them probably in your same town!

    We're currently working on putting the finishing touches on some functionality, so the site's still under construction. If you're an artist who is interested in having a page in the Local Artist Gallery, click HERE to sign up for more information about the next step in the process, and someone will contact you very soon!

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